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Sales Manager

You have just been selected as the new Sales Director of an important Fashion company, congratulations!

You want to understand your sales team performance, the most important customers you do business with and current month sales and offers made.

The CEO also asked you to review your sales team performance and understand if there is someone performing below average.

Luckily Koretrust implemented an interactive BI dashboard to help the Sales Director have all the information at hand.

Explore your business data and start making an impact in your new role!

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Sales Manager Interactive Demo

Sales Manager Interactive Demo

Chief Financial Officer

You have been appointed as the new CFO of a company that sells water purification systems, congratulations!

One of the most important business units of your company focuses on repairing and servicing customers water services.

Your first task is to analyze the profits of this business unit by field technician and revenue center : HO.RE.CA, Domestic and Water House.

Explore your business data and start making an impact in your new role!


Chief Financial Officer Interactive Demo


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